Digitizing Media Other Than Photos

Here are some ideas if you have old tapes that you'd like to be digitized:

If you have home videos in VHS, film, or cassette forms, you'll want to take those to a professional digitizing service to get them digitized. You'll want to do this to ensure that you don't lose the content. Film strips do deteriorate over time so it's better to get them digitized sooner rather than later. Plus, not many of us have old Betamaxes or laser disc players lying around anymore. Most digitizing services will not digitize anything other than homemade content.

If you have content that is on a CD or DVD already, such as music or movies, consider putting that content into the Cloud. Then, if your CD or DVD player breaks or you lose the actual disk, you have a copy of it somewhere else.

      Also, most laptops and computers that are made today do not have an internal disk drive to insert DVDs or CDs for playback. I'd recommend purchasing an external disk drive that connects by USB so that you can plug it into your computer and view your content or listen to your music.


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