Why You Should Move Your Furniture

Where we place our furniture makes a huge difference in how well we can actually use our space. If getting to the doorway, the window or even an outlet is really inconvenient, we're much less likely to use or enjoy the room.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding where your furniture could be placed in any given room.

1)Make sure there's room to move through the space comfortably. Most people need about two feet of space to move comfortably between pieces of furniture. Keep that in mind for room between couches, chairs, end tables, etc. 

2) Make sure you can readily access doorways and windows. Blocking doorways can be unsafe in the case of an emergency. Blocking windows can prevent comfortable flow of air, as well as darkening the room. 

3) Traditionally, you should be able to draw a triangle on a floor plan of your kitchen, going from sink to refrigerator to stove. Try not to put pieces of furniture in the way of these guiding lines. It will make food prep and serving more cumbersome.

4) If you can help it at all, have some space on both sides and the foot of the bed. Even if it's just a few inches. It will help keep air and energy flowing through the space, and make bed making a bit easier. 

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