4 Tips for Summer Cookouts

The warm weather is here, and all you want to do is bask in it! Planning cookouts, holidays, and weekend parties... They can be a little hectic to plan, so don’t get caught behind schedule.
Plan ahead with these 4 tips:

1.    Plan the menu ahead of time. Give about a week at least for the menu to be planned; then you’ll have time to run to the store for the things you need.

2.    Have ingredients and utensils ready. Immediately following the menu, make sure you have the ingredients to cook with and the utensils to eat with.

3.    Cook things the day before. There are several dishes that can be done in advance, such as pasta salads, potato salads, and more. Food like burgers, hot dogs, and chicken can be cooked the day of so they’re fresh and hot.

4.    Ask guests to bring a dish. You don’t have to do it all! Have your guests bring something yummy. Sometimes you can get a new delicious recipe from it.

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