Tips for Earth Day

Earth Day is this weekend, on the 22nd, so celebrate in nature. There are tons of videos online and organizations for environmental awareness. With the severe problems that the Earth is having, it may seem impossible to change any of it. There are several ways you can help just by incorporating it in your everyday routine.
Having several houseplants increases the amount of oxygen around and creates a relaxing environment. If you don’t think you could keep up the routine of watering consistently, try succulent plants. They require less maintenance and upkeep. All you have to do is soak the soil and water when the soil is completely dry. Larger plants can last a couple days longer in a dry condition.


Making sure you also prune will ensure more fruit and growth. At Fine Gardening, they give tips and illustrations on the proper way to prune and maintain growth of your garden.
For gardening supplies, try not to lose them throughout the yard. Using bright tape to mark it can help you find it easily. At the end of the day, put all the supplies back in one place. Make sure to also keep them out of kids’ reach, when appropriate.

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