5 Tips for Time Management

There never seems to be enough time in the day. Well, there is - it’s just of matter of managing the time you’re given to be as effective as possible. Whether it’s work related or a family meeting, here are some tips to managing your time:

1.    Paper vs Electronic. Choose between the two. If you remember things better by writing it down, then use paper. Both of them are great for looking at what needs to be done overall and checking it off the list, too.

2.    One Calendar. There shouldn’t be multiple calendars for different functions. If you’re using Google Calendar for work and a spiral planner for personal life, they need to be consolidated. You’ll be able to schedule more quickly by only having one place to confirm an opening.

3.    Others should have access. Your spouse or kids should also have access to your calendar, when appropriate. This will teach them to share, time manage, and coordinate as well. Plus, in case of emergencies, they will be able to contact your upcoming appointments.

4.    Don’t overbook yourself. It’s easy to forget to put something in your calendar but make it a habit to schedule even simple things as soon as plans are made. Sometimes it’s difficult when people don’t confirm until the last minute, so you should identify the event somehow to show you might be open.

5.    Set timers. You’ll be mentally prepared and more in control of your schedule by setting timers. Whether it’s on your phone or the kitchen stove, setting a timer will push you to being prepared. The last 15 minutes before you have to leave always fly by, so set those audio notifications to high.

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