Doing Things On Purpose

A key aspect to staying organized is remembering what you’re doing. Really try to focus your thoughts on what you’re doing at the moment. We all have a million things running through our heads that we have to remember to do; even running out the door, it seems, there’s always at least 10 things you have to make sure to do before you leave.
Keep a notepad near you to write things down that are going through your head. Don’t use your phone to take notes because some kind of notification will probably distract you. (I’m looking at you, Facebook!)
Pay attention to where you put things. We’re all guilty of this. There’s nothing like looking for your phone that’s in your hand or your glasses that are on top of your head.
Don’t self-sabotage because you’re rushing. Being mindful of what you’re doing and where you put things will prevent that panicky feeling of forgetting something or feeling crunched for time.

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