Finding Places for Donation

So you’ve finally gathered together things you don’t want anymore. They’re too good to throw away and now you have to figure out where to donate them. There are more places than you might think that would love to have your hand-me-downs.
        Donation centers: Whether it’s resale shops or non-profit organizations, there are places around looking for your donations. Try All you have to do is put in your zip code, and they’ll list places around you that will take your donations.

        Ask neighbors: They may know of places around you or people that are in need and could really use some of the things you no longer want. Neighbors are always a good source of information (along with that cup of sugar).

        Schools: Craft supplies are cherished in schools so if you have a smorgasbord of different things, they would love to have them. With less and less funding available at many schools, Anything extra you may have, even if it’s not in the greatest condition, is greatly appreciated.

        Library: This is where you can bring books and magazines. Don’t waste your own shelf space if you aren’t going to read those books anymore. Let someone else enjoy them.

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