4 Things People Most Often Forget to Do Before Leaving for Vacation

Vacations are for relaxing and taking a breather from your busy schedule. Many people forget these four easy chores to do before they go, which can make your vacation not so relaxing.
1.    Pay bills Make sure to go through your bills before you leave to prevent that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach - and late fees. A lot of banking has gone digital, but why bother worrying about bills when you’re on vacation? Plan ahead so you can have the relaxing vacation you’ve been working so hard for.
2.    Clean out the fridge and put away the dishes Avoid coming home from vacation to do chores. If there is any food in the fridge that won’t be good by the time you get home, then toss it before you go. And, putting away dishes doesn’t take much time, but it’s more of a hassle when you come home.
3.    If going international, call your bank and let them know Don’t get bogged down by the bank calling about international charges. Tell them ahead of time so they’ll be expecting it.

4.    Unplug electronics to conserve energy and save money Don’t pay for something you’re not using. Unplug electronics that don’t need to be on while you’re away, and save money on your electricity bill.

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