It's a 50/50 Battle

No matter what kind of project I'm working on with a client, there are two problems we're trying to solve:

  1. Creating a home for all the items we're going to keep
  2. Making sure those items go back to their homes after they're used
Why are these the two problems it's necessary to solve, whether it be papers, clothes, toys or whatever else we may come across?

If we don't have a home for an item, it floats around the house aimlessly. It creeps around counter tops, bottoms of closets and any bin or basket it can climb into. Those items get really annoying pretty quickly. Those items make piles and stacks and get tripped on easily. If only they had a place to go, maybe we'd actually put them there!

Or... would we? Problem #2 can be just as big an obstacle when it comes to organizing. Though it's more likely to keep a space organized when you have a place to put your belongings, it's not a given. When we've already created homes for the items we need, use and love we have to create habits to make sure the items return home after they're pulled out for use. At first, it may seem like like we're constantly reminding ourselves, "Don't forget to put this away when you're done."
But, that's exactly what we need to do. After awhile, you'll stop reminding yourself because it will be automatic. Like any habit - brushing our teeth before walking out the door or loading the dishwasher after dinner's over - practice makes perfect.

So, it's a matter making sure an item has a home, and getting it there and tucking it in for bed at night. 

Unless it's a night light. That should stay awake over night. 

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