The other night, I was reading the April 2016 issue of Real Simple Magazine. In each issue, the magazine asks readers to send in comments on a particular topic or answer a specific question. They publish the interesting or poignant answers, and pick one to feature as the 'Subscriber of the Month.' This particular person's answer also showcases a small interview. The other night, I read this:

"What advice do you live by? Live life - don't spend it accumulating things. It's the memories of adventures that will bring you joy. Over the years, we have often laughed and smiled at memories of past experiences. I rarely remember all the stuff we have had and discarded."

The Subscriber of the Month, Joby Dupus, makes an incredibly important point. All too often my clients are struggling with an item. "So-and-so gave this to me. I don't want to hurt their feelings by getting rid of it." Or, "This is from an event I went to. Shouldn't I keep it?" If it's an item that my client wouldn't even consider keeping if it wasn't from this particular person or occasion, I ask one simple question:

Will you remember that person or event even if you don't have that item?

The answer is always yes. Never once has someone told me they would forget a person or event by donating or tossing out an item they don't love or use. Never once.

Take this idea, and run with it. Let go of items that are reminding you of memories you'd like to forget. Remember people, places and events with sparse souvenirs and specific collections. Be confident in your own mind. Be confident that allowing open space in your home will allow for more adventures in your life.

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