Last Minute Holiday Organizing

We're counting down the hours until Santa fills our stockings with care. But, it feels like there's so much left to do! Here are five things to do right now that will make the next 48 hours go much more smoothly!

1) Set the table. Even if you're not hosting a large crowd, or even a small one, set the table for whatever meal you'll have at home on the holiday - assuming you don't need to use the table until then. This works in homes with both kitchen and dining tables. If you'll need the table, but not the buffet or sideboard, set out what you can. Assign dishes to platters and lay them out to figure out how much room you'll need.

2) Pack your bags. For the week, night or a day trip. If you're still doing laundry and can't fill the bags yet, then make a packing list for items you can stash last minute. Otherwise, make sure you have whatever gifts you'll want to take with you, food items that are ready to go and other sundries (phone charger, camera, etc.).

3) Superficial light cleaning. Now is probably not the time for a deep clean. Start by simply putting things away like backpacks, shoes and toys. Wipe off counter tops, sweep the floor, change hand towels. Light a candle to help dissipate the scent of any cleaners. These are easy, quick things kids can even help with. It will make a great difference.

4) Make any food that you can ahead of time. Desserts and appetizers are your best bet. Certainly, some side dishes can be made a day or two early, as well. Rolls, soups and sauces are great made ahead of time, too. In fact, many recipes will say if it will keep in the fridge or theater.

5) If all else fails, stick a bow on it! No time to wrap presents? That's fine! Stick a bow on it and call it a day. Even though ripping paper off a box may be more fun, at least you won't be wasting your time and the paper when you've got bigger fish to fry.

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