5 Things to do Before Thanksgiving

Most places are already advertising winter holidays. But, let's just take it one event at a time, shall we? Here are some easy things to do before Thanksgiving that will make you, well... more thankful.

1) Decorate. Maybe that means simply throwing away your jack-o-lantern. Maybe that means making elaborate cornucopias. Or, maybe you don't decorate for any holidays. More power to you - less stuff to keep around the rest of the year!

2) Plan a menu. It doesn't matter if you're hosting or going to the home of someone else. You're going to eat a meal on Thanksgiving. Do you have to cook anything? What ingredients do you need? When will you need to cook it? If you're not doing any of those things, start thinking about where to order take out! (Have I mentioned how much I love food?)

3) Plan what you're going to wear. Again, this will depend on your plans. Maybe you need a formal outfit - a dress or sweater and slacks. Perhaps you're spending time with a t-shirt and jeans group of folks. Better yet, if you're ordering take-out, stay in your pajamas!

4) Get all those things you've been meaning to donate to your local charity. Finally. Help some other person or family have another reason to be thankful this season. It's not helping anyone if you're bags of old clothes are still in the hall closet come December.

5) Be thankful. That you have a home to decorate, food to put in your belly, clothes to wear and a way to help someone less fortunate than your self.

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