5 Ways to Get it Done Now!

Bored? Procrastinating? Other things to do? We all have those excuses and reasons to not do something we should do. Here are five ideas to help get you on track:

1) Set a timer. For 15 or 20 minutes to start. Get as much done as you can before the timer dings. If you still have some gusto left, set it again. Do this daily until the project is complete.

2) Alternate with something more fun. Complete part A of the task, then read a chapter. Finish part B of the project, then watch a TV show. Finish the third part, then paint your nails.

3) Have someone help. Tell your friend/relative/neighbor/professional organizer that for the next 'x' minutes, you are to work on this task. Together. Then, you can make plans for whatever else you like to do together. The other person is there to help support you through the project - without judging - and keep you on task. You can also try delegating parts of the project to your helper.

4) Get rid of distractions. Shut the door. Silence the phone. Turn off the TV and radio. Concentrate.

5) Have a reward at the end. Ice cream. A movie. A dance party in your office. Anything your more-organized heart desires!

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