Swapping Out Seasonal Wardrobes

Now that it's finally not so sweaty outside, it might actually turn to fall. School has started officially, and most likely we're starting to reach for pants, not shorts. For those of us who don't have ample closet space to keep our entire wardrobe in one spot all year, it's about time to swap out our summer things for our - dare I say it! - winter things. Let's make it as easy as possible.

1) Pull out any and all items that you know you wouldn't wear in colder months/that you will no longer reach for this season.

2) As you're doing this, pay attention to what you're grabbing. Did you wear it this summer at all? Yes? Pack it up. No? Toss it into a donation bag. Exceptions: drastic weight change you intend will not be permanent (due to pregnancy, medical condition, etc.), special occasion items (formal dress, etc.).

3) Start unpacking the cold weather items. Do so a category at a time, if possible. Sweaters, pants, dresses. As you're hanging and folding these items in your dresser and closet, ask yourself the following:
- Will this fit me comfortably this season? If you're not sure, try it on.
- Is it a style I will still want to wear? (Fashions change; jobs change, making work wear different sometimes)
No to these questions? Donation bag! 

When packing up your now out-of-season clothing for next summer, pack folded and clean, so unpacking next year is all the easier. If you have a lot to pack up, use plastic bins and label what's inside. Toss in a couple fabric softener sheets for a little freshness.

If you still don't have room for your season's worth of clothing, try assessing everything with these questions. Take a look at your year-round items like t-shirts, jeans and exercise clothes.

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