Keeping Memories

Much of what I come across when working with clients is a memory. A report card, a piece of artwork, a gift, a prom dress, Mom's old cookbook. It comes in a variety of forms. It comes with a variety of feelings.

There are also memories associated with loss. Pictures from a wedding of a couple that is now divorced. Toys from a child who has passed away. Correspondence from a roommate that left on unhappy terms. Work from a job you were fired from.

Stacking memories into boxes and bins seems to be a very human thing to do. We want the memories. We want to remember who we are, who we were and where we came from. And, that makes sense. And, though I don't necessarily think we should try to edit or alter those things, we can also make the process easier on ourselves.

Why keep a gift from an aunt who was always mean to you? Why keep photos of a past partner that was less than nice? Why keep things that when we see them, make us feel sad or angry? We shouldn't.

Keep the memories that remind you of people and places that make you feel happy. Circumstances that make you laugh. Photos that make you feel good about who you are and where you come from.

Deep breath. Let that item go. Some of those memories can even be donated. Maybe the music box from your crazy ex-boyfriend will be just what someone was looking for. It can make them smile instead of making you frown.

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