When I Don't Have Any Motivation Left

Half of my job is keeping you motivated to continue or finish the project at hand. I keep us on track, pulling you back from whatever distraction has walked across our organized path. But, what happens when I'm not around? I often assign homework to be tackled in between appointments. How best to keep yourself from sitting down and watching more Netflix? Well, actually...just that.

Reward yourself, in small ways, for a job well done. Reinvigorate yourself and get a burst of energy, no matter how small it may be. Create a plan that includes increments of success: first, clear the bookshelf, then the desk top, then the desk drawers, then the pile of papers on the floor next to the desk, etc. After each step is tackled, you'd ideally move on to the next. But, if you're already fatigued and distracted, do one of these things:

1) Have a bathroom break. Seriously. Even if you don't need to use the facilities, brush your teeth. Wash your hands. Splash some water on your face. All will give you a quick little lift.

2) Have a small snack. My sister, a dietitian, would say something like grapes and almonds. That would be awesome. But, if it happens to be a couple cookies, I'm in no way going to judge. (Because cookies are the best).

3) Dance break! I'll be honest; I've never done this with a client. But, I do it at home, by myself far more often than I should probably admit. One or two songs is enough time to give you a break, dance out your frustration, and jump right back into organizing, without tiring yourself out. If dancing is not your thing, try walking around the block once or twice or some jumping jacks.

4) Watch a couple minutes of TV. As in, from one commercial break to the next. Watching something without commercials? Set a timer for no more than 7 minutes. Your reward to is to watch more after each step in your organizational plan.

5) Call a friend. Start the conversation by saying it's a quick call. You're just taking a break from organizing and need to not make decisions or move piles around for 5 minutes. Should you feel compelled, ask him/her to call back at a certain time to make sure you've finished the project.

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