Organize Your Attitude

There's certainly some talent in organizing a space. Spacial recognition, making square boxes fit into round spaces and being able to make sense of categories are all necessities for making a space work. But, that's really only part of the battle.

We don't all live in harmonious, lovely magazine page homes. In fact, I don't know anyone who does. We make choices on a daily basis on how to continue to create or change the space we call home. We choose to wash dishes and put away laundry. Or not. We choose to color code filing cabinets or shred all paper in sight. We choose to alphabetize books on the shelf or to stack them decoratively. We choose to make the bed or leave a pile of blankets. We choose.

Choice is a huge part of the organizing process. Choose what to keep. Choose what to donate. Choose what your priorities are for your space. My job is never to make those decisions for you. I'm here to guide you through that process such that you come out on the other end confident in your choices. I'm here to remind you of your priorities.

Sometimes, however, we have a hard time seeing the benefit in making choices - one way or the other. We grow negative, angry even, that we live in a space we don't love. Feeling helpless or overwhelmed, we choose to do nothing. We stay angry. We get angrier. More helpless. More overwhelmed. It's a vicious cycle.

Sometimes, we share our space with someone who doesn't share our same goals. Someone who might want the space to stay status quo, even when it's making life more difficult and uncomfortable. Or, we share our space with someone who needs the space to change when we're not quite ready.

What all of this does is create chaos, anger, sadness. The peace and calm that our homes should be easily slips away.

The first step in an organizing project is to make the choice that this is the best option for you at this time. Make the choice to believe that you are proactively creating a space you love. Be confident that you can complete this task. Know that brighter days are ahead, just around the organized corner.

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