5 Things To Do in 5 Minutes

I realize that I'm in the minority when I say that I love organizing....everything. For most of us, organizing is another chore. Much like paying taxes or sweeping the floor. So, here are a few things to get you started. Take five minutes while dinner's cooking or a single commercial break during your nightly show. Baby steps in the right direction are still steps in the right direction!

1) Fold the laundry. Put it back in the basket, take it to the bedroom. At least get the clothes out of the basket in the proper room(s) and return the empty basket back near the laundry. If there's time, actually put the clothes away.

2) Open the mail. I'm not saying you have to pay all the bills or take any other actions. Start with opening it all. Recycle all the ads and stuffers immediately. Set aside anything that needs shredding. The rest goes to your action area. Hopefully, your stack is smaller and easier to make progress on.

3) Put away the dishes, if the dishwasher is clean and dry. If it's still in need of a wash, make sure it's full with anything left sitting out, and push start. If you don't have a dishwasher, wash through as much as possible in your five minutes. Leave the hard stuff to soak.

4) Toss all the toys left on the floor back into their containers. Either have the kids help do this, or make sure they're already in bed for the night!

5) All those things you've been piling on the stairs or the entry table to take some place should go to that some place else. Walk the items upstairs or downstairs. Put the returns in the car. The important thing is to get the items in the right room. Again - baby steps in the right direction.

Ready...Set... Go!

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