What Do I Want to Know About You?

In a recent conversation with some fellow organizers, a colleague asked what questions she should be asking her potential clients when first connecting with them. It made me think about what I want to know about you when we first connect. A few key points are really important to allow me to help guide you through the stress of your stuff and create the space you're longing for.

1) How long have you been struggling with disorganization? How long has the space looked as it does now? This will help me assess what kind of disorganization you're struggling with: situational, life-long or simply related to a certain area of your life (like work or paper).

2)  What have you tried in the past to be more organized? Knowing what has or hasn't worked for you in the past will let me hone in on your thought processes in relation to the space we're working in. It's always helpful to know if labels worked really well in the past, but color coding was annoying.

3) What is your goal? Being functional in a space can be different than feeling calm in it. Knowing where your things are is very different than suddenly sharing a space with someone else.

4) Is there a time frame or budget we should work within? If we're getting the home ready to entertain or there's a fixed income, then I can create a game plan to get you to where you want to be within the constraints that exist.

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