Small Ways to Save Time

Sometimes I have long days. I'm sure, some times your days are even longer than mine! Here are a couple quick, small things I do from time to time to help me relax a couple more minutes longer throughout the day.

  • If I know I want to do laundry in the evening, and I find that I have 5 minutes before I need to leave the house, I'll sort it into baskets. They're ready and waiting for me when I get home.
  • The day before I want to stop at the grocery store, I plan out what recipes I'd like to make in the coming week. I list the items I'll need to buy, and stick the list, and any coupons, in my reusable bags and hang it on the door knob. It's an easy grab on my way out the door the next day.
  • If I'm taking a lunch to work, I set out my water bottle and lunch bag on the counter the night before. I'm reminded to pack something when I make breakfast.
  •  When I travel, I tend to use the same piece of luggage. In that bag, I always stow my headphones for the plane, my lap top bag and a laundry bag for dirty clothes to return home. A couple less steps in packing!
  • While working at my desk, I work through all my "to-dos" first. Things that need filing, mailing or need to otherwise be placed elsewhere are set  aside until I'm done for the day. Then I get up and put everything away in one swoop. No up and down and getting side tracked.
What do you do to save a couple minutes through the day?

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