Post-Conference De-Briefing

Last week I attended the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) annual conference. This was the seventh conference I've attended as a member of this association. Each year there is a theme to conference. This year was 'Shine Ever Brighter.'

Although conference is only three days long, it is packed with classes, networking, brainstorming, inspiration and fun. Okay, and lots of dessert...

After I attend conference each year, I take a day or two to go through the notes of not only the classes I attended while there, but all the classes offered. The notes give me a peak into the content and help me decide if I want to borrow the recording from our chapter's library. I also use these notes to help create a list of goals for my coming year. Goals for my business, on topics to explore more in depth, products to try, techniques to implement with clients. I keep it posted next to my desk until all the line items are highlighted as done.

I don't know if I immediately walked out of the conference center shining any brighter than when I walked in. (Definitely a little more sun-kissed, though). I do feel confident however, that I learned enough to help my clients shine brighter in the year to come. I've learned more about their challenges and how to help them break through to achieve their goals. And, in doing so, I will allow myself to 'Shine Ever Brighter' right along side them.

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