Little Changes Make a Big Difference in the Closet

Over that past couple of weeks, I've worked in some closets and noticed a handful of changes that seem to come up often - and make a huge difference! Let's explore:

- Move the shelves! If you have shelving in your closet, and the shelves are adjustable, you'll likely want to do so. When built-in systems are installed, shelves are usually set at standard spacing. But, if you're using the shelves for things of differing sizes, standard spacing will hinder you. Tall purses, short shoe boxes, differing stacks of shirts and pants. They all are different heights. Why would your shelves stay where they are? Some systems will also allow for hanging bars to be adjusted.

- Hangers. When it comes to suit coats, blazers and heavier tops, many of us tend to use hangers like this one:
But, those take up tons of space! If you're tight on hanging space, look for thinner hangers. There are plenty of options available: fuzzy-lined ones so clothes don't slip off, kid-friendly plastic ones in bright colors, utilitarian metal. Anything that will allow more of your clothes to hang on the bar.

- Specialty hangers. I often come across specialty hangers for scarves, ties, belts, usually accessories of some kind. Only sometimes are these helpful. Sometimes they won't hold your entire collection, which is a bummer, and sometimes they just end up getting in the way. Consider folding scarves or rolling ties and belts. Store them in a drawer or bin. Depending on what space you have available, this might make a world of difference.

- Bins. Every now and then we need some kind of container in the closet. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Measure your space before you buy any containers! That said, consider what you'd like to store and where it will go. On top of the highest shelf? Get something with a lid to prevent dust accumulation on the contents. On the floor, under hanging clothes? Get a short bin so hanging clothes aren't bunched up on top of it. On a shelf? Get something without a lid so you can easily slide it on and off the shelf. Storing fabric (clothes) in it? Get a container that won't snag. Stay away from wicker and straw baskets.
 Of course there are other ways to improve closets, too. But, that will depend on your physical space and what you want to fit in there. Hopefully, this will give you a good head start!

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