Can You Believe It??

As a professional organizer, I subscribe to an industry magazine, Getting Organized Magazine. It's quarterly, and usually has some interesting new products to showcase or a new technique or two to try with clients. In the Winter 2014 issue, there were some surprising statistics provided, that I thought were worth sharing with all of you!
-  The average cost to declutter a home before sale is $402; the average benefit in sales total is $2,024 (a 403% ROI).
Forty-two percent of homeowners experience more anxiety when their homes are unorganized.
-  A study at Princeton University found that in cluttered environments "the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain's ability to process information."
-  Getting rid of clutter can eliminate up to 40% of household work.
Sixteen percent of moms with at least three kids won't let them invite friends over due to clutter.
-  Only 25% of garages are used to park a car.
Twenty-three percent of American adults have paid bills late because they couldn't find them.

How does your home stack up? It's certainly not a competition, but sometimes it's nice to know where you are on the journey!

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