Finding All the Little Things

There are a lot of things to keep track of during the average day. Your keys. Your glasses. Your wallet. Your kids. Your self. Throw on top of that the meetings, errands and chores the average person tries to conquer, and something will slip through the cracks once in awhile.

Don't be too hard on yourself, though. I want to share a couple ideas that will help keep all the little things you reach for regularly organized and in sight.

First off, when you get home each day, put these items in the same place. Have a designated place to put your bag, wallet, keys, phone. Keep anything related to those items near by, also in the same place everyday. Items like chargers, a change purse or a wallet with store reward cards you only use sometimes fit the bill.

Second, don't keep anything else there! Don't bury your new area with coats, shoes and mail. Those things should have a separate area already designated for them.

Third, keep these things in a spot that makes sense. If you walk out the same door every morning, a table top or basket near the door makes sense. On a tray near your desk in the basement probably doesn't. In a spot where the kids are also keeping their school work and book bag might work.  But, only if there's enough space for everyone to have a separate pile, basket or tray.

Try out your new spot for at least three weeks.  Try to create a habit out of using it. After three or four weeks, it'll feel more "normal." And, if it still feels awkward, adjust your area. Maybe you need more space or maybe it should be moved to a new location.

The point is, know where your things go. Put them back there. And, work your system so it works for you!

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