Which Room?

Well, I heard from Penny the Pack Rat again today.  It had been awhile, so I hoped she had been working hard with her new systems.  The good news: she has been trying.  The bad news: she has trouble finishing the areas she's working on organizing.

First thing's first, I tell her; where is the roadblock happening?  Penny works well at pulling items out of the area she'd like to tackle.  She can now easily sort into categories that make sense to her and identify like with like.  She's even been persistent to get rid of more items than before (she donates regularly!).  The problem arises when she finds items that she'd like to keep, but in another space or room from where she's currently working.

What usually happens is Penny piles up these items to the side, sometimes in a basket or bag or just in a pile.  She knows she wants to keep these things, and Penny knows she doesn't want to store them here, where she's working.  However, she never seems to get that pile or bag of items out of the work space and those items put away.  She's stuck!

I have a couple suggestions for her.

1) Penny should start building in "delivery time" to her organizing schedule.  It's great that she's setting the items aside while working, so she doesn't get distracted while on a particular task.  But, just because most the things are put away in front of her, doesn't mean she's done with the space.  Those items being delivered should be her final step.  Even if it means she's just delivering those items to the rooms they do belong in, but not exactly putting them away yet. Getting them in the right room is the hump to get over here.

2) Penny can create one central location for all these items to temporarily land. This can be a cute bin located in a high traffic area, like the kitchen or an entrance.  Keep it in high traffic areas for two reasons: Each time you pass through you can drop something in that bin that needs to be put away in another room later.  When you walk through that area to another space, it's easy to grab something that belongs where you're headed.

Something like this might work well, depending on how large the items are.  It's big enough to hold things like stuffed animals, a pair of shoes and some books.  And, because of the handles, it's easy to carry around the house.  If the bin is in a high traffic area, and you want the items less visible, try something like this.  Just don't forget what's in there!

Be careful that your collection basket doesn't become a dumping ground for things you don't know what to do with or want to hide away.  This isn't a dumping ground - it's a temporary means of transportation for your items!

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