Does it Bother Someone?

Awhile back, Penny the Pack Rat called me worried that her friend was judging her less-than-organized home.  I called Penny to follow up with her about this.  The good news is, Penny has felt inspired to work on the things that bother her and not someone else.

The bad news is, she hasn't had the time or energy to do much.  Penny's roommate, Organized Olivia, has started complaining.  Olivia can't find dishes in the right cabinets.  Her grooming items are moved around in the bathroom.  There are clothes and books all over the couch.

Penny called to ask if she should really be concerned about Olivia's concerns.  I told her she should, yes!

Olivia lives in that space just as much as Penny.  And, like any relationship, if one person has a problem, then there's a problem for everyone.  Olivia needs to be informed of Penny's challenges; hopefully, that will allow Penny to better express what she is capable of doing regularly on her own and what she needs assistance with.  Olivia can then inform Penny what she is able to help her complete and tackle, if anything.  It is then Penny's responsibility to find help to create an environment that Olivia finds acceptable, or suffer the consequences of her roommate moving out.

If it bothers someone, it needs attention.

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