No Comparisons Allowed

Penny the Pack Rat called me today.  She was really upset! Apparently, she had visited with some neighbors at their home.  She had never been to their house before, and was excited to see another place in the neighborhood.  Not only was the neighbor's home beautiful and clean, but it looked like something out of a design catalog!

After the visit, Penny told me, she went back to her pack rat home and looked around. Sure, she had struggled with organization over the years, especially when she became busy.  But, all in all, she felt things were under control.  Until she went to the neighbors! She told me now she knew her place was a disaster! She was embarrassed to have her new friends over for a visit.

I can appreciate Penny's stress in this situation.  But, I assured her of one thing: everybody's different!  Penny needs to set up her home and her organizational systems so they work for her, and no one else! Now, if Penny had roommates or family that lived with her, we would want to create systems that worked for everyone who used the particular items or space.  But, since that wasn't the case, I asked Penny a few questions:

- Are you comfortable in your own space?
- Can you find what you need, when you need it?
- Does the way your home look bother you?

If she answered yes, yes and no, then Penny was as organized as she needs to be!  Every person is different.  And, that means that each person's definition of "organized" will be different. Perhaps her neighbors start to feel uneasy and lose things if their home doesn't look catalog ready. Penny needs to learn what her definition of organized is, and work towards that. And then, she can be proud to have her neighbors over any time!

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