Hazardous Waste and E-Cycling

Today I'm helping my good friend Penny the Pack Rat clear out her basement.  Boy, there were some long lost items down there!  But, we were able to make some great success:  We sorted through boxes and bags that had been hidden there for months or years.  We found some holiday decorations and keepsakes, too.

But, at the end of the day, we had a pile of things that Penny just had no idea what to do.  There were cans of old house paint, chemicals half used from who knows what, baggies of old batteries we were sure weren't worked anymore and a couple pieces from an old computer.

I suggested that we find the closest e-cycling center.  Here in Chicago, I take items regularly to the city's hazardous waste center on Goose Island at 1150 N. Branch.  However, Penny doesn't live in the city of Chicago.  So, I gave her this: 2012 Household Hazardous Waste Collections.  That was helpful!  And, for those who do live in Chicago, here's what you can take to recycle:  Accepted Materials.

Turns out, there were more things around the house that Penny could clear out and take to recycle safely in one trip.  Later, we decided if she was feeling really energetic, she could go through some files upstairs; she will be traveling in to the city this weekend to visit some friends and can stop at the Chicago Shreds Day on the way.  This event is taking up to 10 boxes of shredding AND any e-cycling (electronic recycling) that consumers may have.

Not only can we get a bunch of things out of the house that Penny no longer needs or uses, but we're doing it safely!

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