Asking for Help

After my discussion with Penny the Pack Rat last week, I've been thinking quite a bit about her concerns.  If you remember, she was worried about friends comparing their homes and spaces with hers.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that these are some of the people Penny should be reaching out to more!

One of the many road blocks people encounter as they begin their journey towards a more organized life is forgetting to or choosing not to ask for help.  There are so many ways to find the assistance, ideas and encouragement needed to reach your goals.  And, no one should be afraid to try any of them.  Sometimes you don't know how well something works with you and for you, until you try it on for size.

Getting organized can be like trying to become more fit.  You have a particular goal in mind and have a variety of ways to get there.  Some people will end up doing all the leg work themselves: they read articles and books until a particular method of losing weight, eating healthier, etc. speaks to them.  They follow through on those suggestions and have reached their goal in no time!

Other people need a little more guidance; they end up using workout videos or joining support groups to help them along their journey.  They're still putting in the time and energy, but have a better sense of direction with their guides around them.  This is a way in which they can feel like they're still making smart decisions, but sometimes they can let go a little bit and trust in knowledge around them.

And still, others will work with personal trainers and dietitians.  These people are often very focused on their goals.  They know they are ready to tackle it head on.  Perhaps they've tried the other options and haven't had much success.  Perhaps they know that if someone is coaching them along their path, they'll be that much more likely to succeed.

Well, organizing is no different!  There are articles, books and blogs like this aplenty to gather information, tips and suggestions on any and every organizing project you might have.  Classes, seminars and support groups are also abundant in most cities, and online.  This is also where people who you admire their style, their spaces, their seemingly endless time and energy to get things done can lend a hand.  Ask them for advice; ask them to come over!  (Although, don't be surprised if you find something different than what you imagined behind closed doors!)  Professional organizers are the equivalent to a personal trainer or dietitian, too!  We are here to support you, to give you the  information you need to reach your goals and to let you relax into the process.  We've done the leg work already.  All you have to do is be ready for the journey.

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