The Kitchen: One Cupboard Always Leads to Another

Today Penny the Pack Rat told me about a conundrum in her kitchen.  She thought today she would organize her pantry.  Penny started off great!  She pulled out everything in her pantry and stacked and piled items into categories as she went: food, dishes, appliances, etc.  I suggested that she also look through the food items as she take them out, making sure it isn't expired and still an item she intends to eat.  Penny found there were some items to throw in the garbage/recycling, as well as a couple of housewares she no longer wanted.  These were bagged up for a charity pick-up.  But then, Penny was stuck!

She began to put these categorized items back into the pantry, now cleaned out, in a more organized manner than she had stuffed things in previously.  Food on one shelf, spices on another, paper products up high (because she rarely uses them) and appliances down low (they're so heavy!).  But, there was still a category or two left on the counter.  These items didn't make sense to keep in the pantry; Penny wondered how they even ended up in there!

I explained to Penny that in the kitchen, one cupboard always leads to another.  Once one space is cleared out and organized, you're likely to find something that belongs in another spot in the room.  Then, move to that cupboard and clear it out to make room; the cycle continues.  I suggested that next time Penny wants to organize her pantry, she set aside time to tackle a couple cupboards as well.  That way, if she needs it, it's built in to her schedule.  If not, free time!  If she's feeling really daring, she could even try to tackle the entire kitchen at once!

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